Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Why Teens Will Decide the Fate of Facebook

Why are Facebook's younger users leaving the site?

Recent research has illustrated that there's been an ongoing exodus of teens away from social medial giant Facebook (NASDAQ: FB). As the number of younger users continues to decline, the relevant questions are, where are these users going, and why?

Has Facebook become uncool?

It's a sad fact that a significant number of teenagers perceive many of the things used by their parents and grandparents as "uncool." This also applies to social media giant Facebook. The company has spent many years and countless dollars evolving the social media site to have characteristics and features suitable for, and desired by, all age groups.

However, Facebook's success in creating an outlet that even grandparents can navigate may have acutally served to undermine the company's future. It seems as if teens don't really want an online venue they can share with their parents, even if there isn't anything fundamentally wrong with the service.