Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL): Why Does the World Hate Google?

Believe it or not, Google is NOT the next Big Brother

Since before its existence as a publicly traded company, Alphabet Inc (GOOGL, GOOG) has had to fend off waves of antitrust accusations and charges of intellectual property violations, invasion of privacy and a myriad of other issues. GOOGL’s legal department expanded to nearly 100 lawyers in its first five years, and by 2014 had around 400 lawyers.

The question, though, is why does the world seem to hunt Google?

Obviously, a company as large as Google, which has a hand in countless aspects of the technology arena across the globe, is more likely to be the target of lawsuits simply because of its involvement there. That’s the easy explanation, but is there something more?

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

GoPro Inc: GPS News Is Helping Investors Find GPRO Stock

Sports enthusiasts are excited about the possibility of GPS in the Hero5

In case you haven’t noticed, GoPro Inc (GPRO) is on a tear. The undisputed leader in the action sports camera arena was up more than 7% by lunchtime Monday, as GPRO stock reached heights not seen since January. It’s up 2% so far today.

That is the second trading day in the past two weeks that’s sent GoPro through the proverbial roof, the other being July 28, with GPRO stock finishing that day up more than 12.5%. The difference, however, is that the latter was the result of a better-than-expected Q2 earnings report.