What is a Twisted Nonsense Exclusive article?

As part of an ongoing effort to expand the Twisted Nonsense brand, some of the articles we write are not submitted to the commercial publishers through which the bulk of our work is currently distributed.

Why Would You Do That?

While it's true that distribution through existing popular channels (such as Demand Media) and investment industry publishers (such as The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, and InvestorPlace) provides access to a much more expansive audience, it does little to further the Twisted Nonsense brand. Those publishers are reputable and their websites have impressive traffic, but our work there is sometimes like a needle in a haystack, mixed in among articles and stories contributed by dozens of other writers and journalists.

Will You Make Any Money?

Honestly, probably not. Most of the publishers we've written for over the past several years did compensate us for our efforts, and for that we are grateful. Currently, we are still active and regular contributors to some of those publishers, and we have no plans to stop working for them at any time in the near future. Hey, a man's gotta eat! And our main man, the driving force behind both the Twisted Nonsense brand as well as the insightful perspective that embodies our corporate culture, is also raising two little kids all by himself!

Yes, he's a Shameless Proud Daddy!

What Is Your Long-Term Goal?

As far as Twisted Nonsense is concerned, our pie-in-the-sky dream is to grow the brand into a massive resource for all things financial and investment-related, tailored to the needs and goals of the average American consumer. It's true that there are already a number of websites and resources dedicated to this exact same thing, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for another.

How Do You Choose Which Articles Will Be Exclusives? 

There's no specific criteria or guidelines used to decide which stories will be submitted to a publisher and which will become Twisted Nonsense Exclusives. However, we write about what interests us and what we believe will also be interesting to our readers, and sometimes that results in stories that don't necessarily fit within the confines of a publisher's particular goals, genre, or audience base. Those articles usually become Exclusives.

Can I See All of Your Exclusive Articles In One Place?

Of course! To filter for only the Twisted Nonsense Exclusive stories, click here. Keep in mind, though, that the list may not be as long or as comprehensive as we would like. It's a slow process that essentially equates to working for free, since there's currently no definitive method in place to monetize this website.

How Can I Help Twisted Nonsense Investments to Grow?

If you've got an idea, we're all ears! You can reach us through one of the social media profiles using the buttons to the right. But really, at this early stage, the most helpful thing you can do is spread the word. Click the Like buttons and Share buttons on articles and stories you find interesting. Send them to your friends, family, and coworkers. Post them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Whatever you do, don't keep Twisted Nonsense Investments a secret!

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