Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Don’t Get Fired Up About FEYE Stock

The Sony hack gave FireEye a boost, but FEYE has other problems.

In the wake of this month’s international political scandal involving Sony Corp (SNE) and the release of its newest cinematic farce,The Interview, FireEye Inc (FEYE) has seen a dramatic boost in share price.

FireEye stock jumped nearly 21% last week as fallout from the cyberattack left both the movie studio and the FBI scrambling. Investors saw an opportunity to take advantage of the turmoil by sinking money into FEYE and other cybersecurity companies such as Proofpoint Inc (PFPT), anticipating a rush for better protection systems.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Can 3D Printing Stocks Rebound in 2015?

Next year won't be much kinder to 3D printing companies, but we might not see this kind of buying opportunity again.

The performance of the 3D printing industry has been a roller coaster ride for the segment’s top players over the past two years, most notably 3D Systems Corporation (DDD), Stratasys, Ltd. (SSYS), Dassault Systemes (DASTY), ExOne Co (XONE), and Voxeljet AG (VJET).

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oracle Earnings: Don’t Expect Anything Impressive From ORCL

New subscription business models will continue to weigh on ORCL.

Oracle Corporation (ORCL) is a $183 billion technology giant headquartered in Redwood City, California, and has been providing hardware and software solutions to hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide — including all 100 of the Fortune 100.

ORCL is expected to report its FY2015 second-quarter earnings after the bell on Dec. 17.

However, after a dismal first-quarter report that led to sizable Oracle stock losses, analysts and investors alike haven’t been too excited about the impending release.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Intel Wants to Be King of the Internet of Things

Intel stock stands to gain from unifying future hardware

Tuesday morning, Intel Corporation (INTC) announced a new suite of products dubbed the Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. According to the press release, the platform is intended to serve as a foundation for developers of future technology by providing a uniform system of connecting hardware and software in a secure, efficient manner for the Internet of Things.

It comes as no surprise that Intel created this platform, as the company has been increasingly involved in IoT development since mid-2012. The concern, however, involves the effort and expense of developing and maintaining such a platform, and how this might impact Intel stock.

The 4 Best Tech Stocks for Mobile in 2015

As the mobile market grows, so will the opportunities for these four tech blue chips.

Investing in technology stocks often means investing in what you think could be the future of technological innovation.

But it’s not just about knowing how the industry might evolve, or what could be the next trend to capture the public’s interest. It’s also about putting your money into the tech stocks that have the right market share and position, leadership and financial resources to take the reins and head the charge onto the next digital battlefield.

There’s no doubt that mobile technology is one of the largest and most important segments of the tech arena. As consumers continue to shift an increasing percentage of their activity to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the industry leaders controlling those spaces are sure to perform well next year … and you’d do well to grab a piece of those leaders sooner than later.

So, if you’re looking for growth in 2015, consider one or more of these best tech stocks gunning after the mobile market.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

IBM’s Efforts to Evolve Fail to Impress

Despite IBM's billion-dollar contract wins and sales of non-core divisions, investors remain unconvinced.

International Business Machines (IBM) has been struggling to find its place in the ever-expanding tech arena. It managed the transition from a hardware company to a software and services provider, but it has failed to innovate from there.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

INTC Digs Deeper Into Mobile Market With Google Partnership

Intel stock should get a boost from new Google Glass components.

Rumors that Intel Corporation (INTC) will supply the processor for an upcoming version of Google Glass have been spreading like wildfire today, as countless media outlets have reported the news according to “sources familiar with the matter.”

The silicon behemoth’s computer chips have become synonymous with quality and reliability throughout the industry, and INTC has been a household name since the early ’90s, when those little Intel Inside stickers began appearing everywhere.

If the rumors prove true and INTC begins supplying processors for Google’s (GOOG) next Glass iteration, the arrangement will further Intel’s foray into the mobile arena.